Dave Finch the mediator has transmogrified into Dave Finch the author.  Writing is something I have wanted to do for just about all of my life and is what I have now decided to give my full time and attention.  Mediation Services and Dave Finch Mediation are on the shelf for good.

The processes of dispute resolution through communication have been uppermost in my thoughts for about the past 20 years and I have enjoyed and appreciated the hundreds of opportunities my colleagues in the law have given me to serve as a helpful neutral.  I have tried to give back to the profession some of the experience — the insights acquired in this work — by writing the blog posts which are archived on this site.  Much of what I have written is still relevant and useful especially to new mediators and to the young lawyers who are beginning to consider the advantages of mediation.

 Obstacles in Negotiation. Often direct negotiation of an issue runs into such obstacles as lack of trust, widely different perceptions of what is fair, ethical or just, personality clashes, inequality of negotiating acumen, and a failure on one or both sides to appreciate fundamental interests and how best to realize or protect them. In such situations effective mediators can help can engineer solutions.

The skills of effective mediators are acquired and honed over time by training, continuing education and experience.  By providing a congenial setting, actively managing the process; stimulating communication and listening; caucussing with opposing parties; and persevering in the quest for solutions, these professionals enable the settlement of even the most intransigent of conflicts.  I am leaving most of this site in place in case it may have some value in the learning processes of others.

REFORM DRUG POLICY PROJECT  Currently I am engaged in a project to spread the word about what, in the context of our massive drug problem, I have dubbed the TCC SOLUTION.   I have published a book titled KILL THE DRUG TRADE: Ending the War on Drugs in a System of Toleration, Counseling and Control.  Learn more about this breakthrough idea at http://www.finchdiablog.com.  The book is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.