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[Addressee 1]


[Addressee 2]


[Addressee 3]

                                                            Re:  [Case Name]




            Thank you for allowing me to serve in this matter.  This will confirm that we have scheduled a mediation of this matter for [Date], commencing at [Time] at [Venue]/   

            Enclosed is a copy of my mediation and fee agreement to be signed at the start of the mediation by all parties and their attorneys.  Any non-party attendees will be asked to sign a separate confidentiality agreement.   At the conclusion of our meeting, I will have an invoice to submit to you, the attorneys, and request your or your clients’ checks at that time. Reasonable accommodation will be made where an insurer or other third party payor  requires time to process the invoice.

            This engagement letter and the enclosed mediation and fee agreement shall serve as a memorandum of our agreement until superseded by the signing of that agreement.  My fee rate is $____ per hour with a two hour minimum, which minimum will be waived in the event of cancellation, agreed upon by all parties, at least 72 hours in advance of our scheduled meeting. 

            Mediation briefs or position statements are helpful to the mediator as well as useful in advancing negotiations.  No formality is required and I am happy to receive them in letter form, by fax or even e-mail. 

            I look forward to working with you toward an agreeable resolution.


                                                            Yours very truly,



                                                            David R. Finch