Viewers of this site who are not lawyers may not be aware of the Martindale-Hubbell rating system.  The company is a large publisher whose purpose is to list all licensed attorneys in the United States along with legal summaries of the laws of each of the 50 states.  They also undertake to provide guidance to the public by rating as many attorneys as they can obtain information about.  The ratings take into consideration the reputation of the attorney for legal skills and ethics.  They do this by soliciting questionaires from other attorneys practicing in the same and nearby communities who purport to know the attorney under question.  Legal skills are rated on an A,B,C basis, with A being the highest.  Ethical behavior is rated either V or Y, with V meaning “very high” and Y meaning satisfactory.

The rating of ‘a v’ is the highest in both categories and has been coveted by members of the Bar for many decades.